Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick update

It seems I've been quiet for a while. I've been keeping busy with various side projects, so I thought I'd just post a quick update on what's up.

My friend Matei and I did a reading course on differential geometry and gauge theory with Prof. Peter Woit this past semester. We swore to ourselves that we would type up whatever material we worked through, but us being the scum of the earth that we are, we ended up writing only a couple pages about principal bundles. Now that it's winter break, we're trying to catch up, and are working on our notes up at GitHub. Questions/comments/contributions much appreciated, though I should emphasize that the notes are still highly preliminary. Eventually, we hope to cover (the setup of) non-Abelian gauge theories as well as most of the prerequisites necessary to understand the basics of Donaldson theory.

I've also been working through Ravi Vakil's beautifully-written notes on algebraic geometry and Eisenbud and Harris' book on the geometry of schemes (concurrently with Hartshorne, but that's a given). I've also been trying to get some more work done on the research I started over the summer at UC Berkeley now that I'm a bit wiser. I'm not particularly used to juggling so many things - each of which I find hopelessly difficult - so things have been pretty busy. Hence the unwillingness/inability to blog.

Whenever I get stuck on math, I try to think a bit about programming. Coding always seems to cure me of frustration - it's tedious enough to just crank out, but challenging enough to not be boring. Of course, finding interesting projects to work on is always the hard part. I have two small projects in mind at the moment, but I'll see what comes of them. Anyway, I guess that's it for now. I'm visiting my high school the day after tomorrow, and my former physics teacher roped me into teaching class, so I should probably go prepare for that (i.e. remember special relativity).